The future of work in the freedom economy [REPORT]

The choice of freedom in the digital age - workforce

Forget the gigs, and the sharing, and the demand. What we are really talking about is freedom. Why not embracing a new name for the budding global economy fueled by independent contract work? Let’s call it ‘the Freedom Economy’. The freedom to work on what you want to work on, for whomever you want to work for, with a team of your choosing, on the hours that you select. That is the freedom we seek in the Freedom Economy. Looking at our work life, isn’t that what we all want?

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Disruption is a mindset, disrupt your own business


Many companies accept the status quo when it comes to operating models. They have done stuff in a certain way for a long time. It works, so why change? Because you want a flourishing future, I guess? If you don’t disrupt yourself, a competitor or new start-up will. The impact of both options is the difference between a chameleon or a dinosaur. Therefore always challenge your status quo. Don’t be caught by surprise, surprise yourself. How? Start by improving the usage of business intelligence. Create competitive advantage and start to operate smarter.

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De cruciale rol van het OV in smart mobility | #dagvdrail

Innovatie is het verschil tussen kameleons en dinosaurussen


Klantgerichtheid, service als strategie en het lef om te ontwrichten en anders te denken. Dat is wat het zal vergen om het openbaar vervoer een waardevol onderdeel te maken van een smart mobility ecosysteem. Op 29 juni sprak ik op de ‘Dag van de Rail’, een Nederlandse conferentie over openbaar vervoer en mobiliteit. Met een uitgesproken visie op wat nodig is om innovatie mogelijk te maken in deze industrie, was er een specifiek doel voor me weggelegd: inspireren om te innoveren. En hoewel sommige aspecten misschien onbereikbaar lijken in de huidige omstandigheden binnen de OV-sector, verandering begint met het nemen van kleine stappen. Think big, start small, act fast.

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Hot or not: the gig economy on the rise

Millennials and the gig economy

In this second edition of ‘hot or not’ I’m discussing the gig economy. I was triggered by a few articles I stumbled upon last week. Although gig economy and portfolio working is still immature, it could be the future of labour market. Technology is empowering an on demand talent market, the millennial generation is leaving behind the nine-to-five workday and financial pressure is causing organisations to think differently about resource allocation. An interesting development I find both promising and challenging at the same time for the future of the labour market and HR.

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Digital transformation in education: from challenge to opportunity

Digital transformation of education

Technology is changing the way society communicates, collaborates and learns. Digital transformation is not a fleeting trend or hype. It is a societal revolution that causes unavoidable change for any industry. Organisations often see the digital challenge as a struggle to keep up with the latest technology. An unfortunate mindset, because it is much more than that. The digital transformation in the current information revolution is actually a wave of changes that enable people to grow and adjust. For the education branch it is an opportunity to improve learning methods, attract bright minds and meet learners’ expectations.

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