How to succeed as an authentic leader

Leaders must  know who they are

10 do’s and don’ts for leadership success

Do you know who you are, what you believe and why you believe it? Are you able to be yourself in any given situation? Recently I read an article that contained a nice comparison for leaders that are facing their greatest challenge, namely integrating their personal and work lives:

Think of your life as a house. Can you knock down the walls between the rooms and be the same person in each of them?”

It takes a lot of courage to be a visionary, to walk your talk every step of the way. Especially when you still need to build your follower base. How can you find the inspiration to make an impact in the world as an authentic leader? Don’t strive to achieve success in tangible performances that are recognised in the external world. Strive for significance. Make a difference with your contribution: constantly build legacies by adding deep value to everyone you deal with. This is what makes good performers great leaders. Therefore self-awareness is a vital part of successful leadership.

Here are some principles that evolved from the values that I have ranked during my leadership journey.

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Integrated consciousness is every leader’s next challenge

Integrated consciousness

Two famous books I’ve read contain a lot of knowledge on some theories in relation to the economy, the society and the labour market. For a long time, those books have kept a lot of smart minds busy analysing and finding evidence to either defend or contradict the statements made by the writers Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Brilliant minds in their time. In my opinion those books should be mandatory in our education system for some basic understanding about the mentioned subjects. Nonetheless, I think we are heading towards a new era that will invalidate both theories – or at least for a greater part. Still, if you take some crucial core elements out of both theories and you put them together with today’s developments in technology and information management, we could end up with a new theory, a next level. Let’s call it ‘integrated consciousness’ for now. Are you wondering what I mean by that? Read on!

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Leaders know how to let their company sell a naked product

Golden circle - Simon Sinek (TED)Times of excessive margins are history. Every entrepreneur, CEO or CFO knows that by now. Organisations need to operate with lower budgets, costs need to be decreased to acceptable levels for business continuity. Companies have been confronted with this unruly reality for a few years. What is causing that reality? What changes would create a new balance for business continuity? Recognising this profound uncertainty, every organisation should stress the importance of making decisions when the time is right. In this article I hope to give you some insights on how to deal with the current turbulent market circumstances and the constantly changing customer’s demand.

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