Are innovation departments a thing of the past?

Innovation evolution

Dealing with change and continuous improvement requires a revolving innovation cycle. How you approach the rise of innovation is crucial to the success and even the survival probability of a business. Customers lay down the law when it comes to products and services; a dominant factor that should weigh with your innovation processes. In what setup could you best unlock innovation?

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#HotOrNot: 5 domains beacons will cause disruption in


As many people know, I’m intrigued by innovation and disruption. Therefore I’m curious about everything that has even the slightest opportunity to disrupt. So, while monitoring all kinds of  trends, I often try to figure out what new stuff might do or change in different industries. But also what issues they will raise. This past year I’ve been checking out bluetooth beacon technology, just to see what it does in several markets. Although the figure of devises that have bluetooth enabled by default is only 40% in America and 43% in the Netherlands, an interference with market adoption, beacon technology could be a future game changer.

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How to ensure employee adoption in digital transformation

Employee Adoption

Digital technology is reshaping industries and societies. Things like big data analytics, augmented reality, 3D-printing, robotics and cognitive computing create a technological shift that impacts practically any business. Some sooner than others, but it is important that the next few years all businesses prepare for the transformation it will cause. Whether it are small, medium or large enterprises. What does this mean for employee adoption, how can you impact their behaviour? How can you change the organisation’s dna into a digital proof version?

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Organisational readiness: dealing with eternal change


Many businesses put a lot of effort into writing extended long term plans, short term plans and yearly targets. Unfortunately, nine out of ten times it lacks the answer to that one question that matters the most. What if everything changes with suddenness? What if you are completely disrupted? These things come up like a tornado and leave your organisation in a situation it – in this case- wouldn’t be prepared for. How can you make sure your business is prepared for almost anything and, at the same time, is able to drive innovation?

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Disruption is a mindset, disrupt your own business


Many companies accept the status quo when it comes to operating models. They have done stuff in a certain way for a long time. It works, so why change? Because you want a flourishing future, I guess? If you don’t disrupt yourself, a competitor or new start-up will. The impact of both options is the difference between a chameleon or a dinosaur. Therefore always challenge your status quo. Don’t be caught by surprise, surprise yourself. How? Start by improving the usage of business intelligence. Create competitive advantage and start to operate smarter.

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