Lifelong learning has become key to society and individual careers

Lifelong Learning

Our education system is dormant and stagnant. It stirs up a lot of discussion, but what is actually changing in the nearby future? With that question in my head, I recently gave in to the urge to find out what is withholding us from creating an educational system that is based on lifelong learning. Why? Because in this volatile world that is disrupted in so many ways by innovation and technology, it seems impossible to ever stop learning when you want to keep up with society.

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Leaders know how to let their company sell a naked product

Golden circle - Simon Sinek (TED)Times of excessive margins are history. Every entrepreneur, CEO or CFO knows that by now. Organisations need to operate with lower budgets, costs need to be decreased to acceptable levels for business continuity. Companies have been confronted with this unruly reality for a few years. What is causing that reality? What changes would create a new balance for business continuity? Recognising this profound uncertainty, every organisation should stress the importance of making decisions when the time is right. In this article I hope to give you some insights on how to deal with the current turbulent market circumstances and the constantly changing customer’s demand.

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Return of the scout: do you need innovation or agility?

Innovation or agility?

In my opinion there is a subtle, but significant difference between innovative companies and agile companies. I consider agile to be a more robust survival strategy than innovation. If you want to be able to adapt to both strategies, either separately or at the same time, you really need to understand that there is a clear distinction. Because of the decision support on these matters, I think the scout is on the rise again. Let me explain. First, what does scouting actually mean? Second, how can it benefit your ecosystem? And third, how are agility and innovation related in this context?

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