Digital transformation in education: from challenge to opportunity

Digital transformation of education

Technology is changing the way society communicates, collaborates and learns. Digital transformation is not a fleeting trend or hype. It is a societal revolution that causes unavoidable change for any industry. Organisations often see the digital challenge as a struggle to keep up with the latest technology. An unfortunate mindset, because it is much more than that. The digital transformation in the current information revolution is actually a wave of changes that enable people to grow and adjust. For the education branch it is an opportunity to improve learning methods, attract bright minds and meet learners’ expectations.

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Top 10 jobs most likely to disappear in the near future

Postal services jobs will disappear

Can you imagine  the mail carrier never walking through your street anymore? Or taxi’s disappearing from your city’s street scene? We got used to the way our society has been functioning for decades. A lot of people might not realise that we are transitioning to another phase when it comes to labour. But we definitely are. Will you still be a part of the labour market within 20 years? Than you should start thinking about another career for the future. Or when you are about to start, it’s probably best you don’t pick these jobs and you choose your education wisely. During an insightful TED Talk McAfee suggested that the increased productivity from sophisticated machine and computing power will lower prices and reduce “drudge”. Technology  is developing at fast pace and innovative solutions are rapidly integrating in our society’s lifestyle. What are the consequences for some jobs within of 20 years from now?

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When robotics takes over, humans can finally focus

Human and robots empowering workforce

The latest buzz is the ‘new industrial revolution’. The advances in data science and artificial intelligence are creating new ways to approach businesses that can lead to a major increase of productivity. The insights that are generated by these technologies will give businesses the opportunity to rethink their operational model and the needed human skills. Will it affect the workforce? Will it change the labour market? Yes, we need to accept that and look at the benefits of finally being able to empower the human-to-human approach.

Humans are afraid of change, always have been. Change means stepping outside the comfort zone. Why do we feel threatened by that, instead of feeling challenged by the opportunities it provides us?

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Augmented reality: A great story triggers the mind

Augmented reality in education

Ever wondered how education could be changed from a boring classroom scene into a more lively experience that will engage and empower the human brain? Technology is the key that opens doors beyond your wildest imagination. Literally. Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that can truly transform learning methods. What started out as something that was “cool” has become a way to engage studious people and to address learning disabilities. Because it can overlay digital content and information onto the real world, it opens up a new range of learning opportunities. As the brain responds much more engaging to visuals, AR will enable a more intuitive way to learn. Therefore it should get a more prominent role in educational programmes.

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Lifelong learning has become key to society and individual careers

Lifelong Learning

Our education system is dormant and stagnant. It stirs up a lot of discussion, but what is actually changing in the nearby future? With that question in my head, I recently gave in to the urge to find out what is withholding us from creating an educational system that is based on lifelong learning. Why? Because in this volatile world that is disrupted in so many ways by innovation and technology, it seems impossible to ever stop learning when you want to keep up with society.

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