Augmented reality: A great story triggers the mind

Augmented reality in education

Ever wondered how education could be changed from a boring classroom scene into a more lively experience that will engage and empower the human brain? Technology is the key that opens doors beyond your wildest imagination. Literally. Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that can truly transform learning methods. What started out as something that was “cool” has become a way to engage studious people and to address learning disabilities. Because it can overlay digital content and information onto the real world, it opens up a new range of learning opportunities. As the brain responds much more engaging to visuals, AR will enable a more intuitive way to learn. Therefore it should get a more prominent role in educational programmes.

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Test your technology maturity in the evolution of 2015

TechVision2015© Accenture Technology Vision 2015

In February Accenture released their Technology Vision 2015, which can provide leaders of organisations relevant ideas to stretch boundaries in their journey to become a digital business. What was standing out for me in the first place, was the alliance of the trends. It shapes the ideal business. The Internet of Me is the demanding party that forces the delivery of results in an outcome economy. This economy is built in a platform-based ecosystem, that runs on software which continuously learns and adapts and is operated by a workforce that entails the flawless collaboration of humans and machines. It starts with people and it ends with people. Although society saw technology often as the evil destroying monster in the past, it is now (hopefully) starting to realise that it is in fact our salvage. The vicious circle of people can connect through ideas; innovative thoughts. Around it there are the technologies, platforms, tools, devices and interfaces that help those people operate, innovate and improve.

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