Hot or not: the gig economy on the rise

Millennials and the gig economy

In this second edition of ‘hot or not’ I’m discussing the gig economy. I was triggered by a few articles I stumbled upon last week. Although gig economy and portfolio working is still immature, it could be the future of labour market. Technology is empowering an on demand talent market, the millennial generation is leaving behind the nine-to-five workday and financial pressure is causing organisations to think differently about resource allocation. An interesting development I find both promising and challenging at the same time for the future of the labour market and HR.

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Recruitment becomes a marketing stunt

Recruitment is a Marketing stunt

When we think of our (potential) customers, especially about how we want to reach them, we right away start to think on marketing level. We contemplate about how we can steer our identity in a way it can influence our image and our reputation positively. We have ideas about our brand: who are we, who we want to be and how we want people to perceive us. We directly connect this with the changes our company culture needs, so it can help us shape the company we wished for. A distinct marketing plan will put all sorts of processes in motion that creates all this. Or at least, we aim for it. Now visualise replacing customers for employees in this situation.

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Return of the scout: do you need innovation or agility?

Innovation or agility?

In my opinion there is a subtle, but significant difference between innovative companies and agile companies. I consider agile to be a more robust survival strategy than innovation. If you want to be able to adapt to both strategies, either separately or at the same time, you really need to understand that there is a clear distinction. Because of the decision support on these matters, I think the scout is on the rise again. Let me explain. First, what does scouting actually mean? Second, how can it benefit your ecosystem? And third, how are agility and innovation related in this context?

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Create or join? Business ecosystem to survive the knowledge-era

Thinking versus resultsWe all know the industrial-era has shifted to a knowledge era. So, why do a lot of organisations still behave in the old fashion way? These days we are living in a more volatile society with an almost unpredictable economy. Still organisations are producing and delivering according their good old business model. This is reality: networking capability, software systems that have little supply chain to manage, and global open source platforms innovating around customer problems in real time. Traditional business models are becoming more and more ineffective at driving business results. Why has the greater part not followed the transition yet?

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KPMG gives away the unique HR opportunity

Let HR and innovation go hand in hand


KPMG - ‘HR as a driver for organizational innovation’Recently I read an interesting whitepaper published by KPMG. Culture and HR outlined in one paper as drivers for innovation. Splendid. Not so often you get so clearly explained how HR as a strategic can drive innovation. I share most of their view on the subject. The paper illustrates why innovation matters and how HR can play a role in these processes. Or should I say, must play a role?

Innovation is not about copying successes of other organisations. On the contrary, because it could end up in a disaster for you. Each company should develop its own approach to innovation, given the unique set of circumstances they have to anticipate on. The organisation’s (desired) culture is a significant factor for this approach. It is not only about employees being able to identify themselves with the organisation. Also collaboration and acceptance of failure are key; these two are prerequisites for an environment that needs to encourage creativity, to drive innovation.

How can top management, employees and process reach that optimal synergy? What key questions should an organisation answer before setting the scenario? How does innovation expands?

I truly recommend reading the whitepaper ‘HR as a driver for organizational innovation’ and think about how you can create your unique opportunity.

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