#HotOrNot: 5 domains beacons will cause disruption in


As many people know, I’m intrigued by innovation and disruption. Therefore I’m curious about everything that has even the slightest opportunity to disrupt. So, while monitoring all kinds of  trends, I often try to figure out what new stuff might do or change in different industries. But also what issues they will raise. This past year I’ve been checking out bluetooth beacon technology, just to see what it does in several markets. Although the figure of devises that have bluetooth enabled by default is only 40% in America and 43% in the Netherlands, an interference with market adoption, beacon technology could be a future game changer.

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Recruitment becomes a marketing stunt

Recruitment is a Marketing stunt

When we think of our (potential) customers, especially about how we want to reach them, we right away start to think on marketing level. We contemplate about how we can steer our identity in a way it can influence our image and our reputation positively. We have ideas about our brand: who are we, who we want to be and how we want people to perceive us. We directly connect this with the changes our company culture needs, so it can help us shape the company we wished for. A distinct marketing plan will put all sorts of processes in motion that creates all this. Or at least, we aim for it. Now visualise replacing customers for employees in this situation.

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