What digital transformation is about

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, what is it about? As supposed to what most people think, digital transformation  is not a technology issue. It’s not about cleaning up IT legacy; this transformation is necessary to reshape every aspect of a business so it can deal with the volatile digital developments. Digital is deeply rooted; in culture, governance, operations, workforce skills, product usage, distribution and so on. Most of all, the customer experience is at the heart of digital transformation. How do you keep up with changing business environments brought about by the changing customer demand and the accelerating  technology developments?

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The CIO ’s X-factor is being a great mentor in the learning ecosystem

Mentorship In my previous blog I shared my idea of the try-and-fail strategy and how I thought leadership and education are connected. The blurring lines between functional and theoretical technology as well as those between industries play a crucial role in the evolution of the educational system. Or at least, the evolution this system should go through. Up to now innovations in education seem to be held back by a legacy of traditional believes and standards. When I was discussing this subject with peers after publishing ‘This technology era needs leaders that fail’, I received some nice input that stirred up quit some thoughts about this subject. My conclusion: leaders in education and technology should join forces and develop a new approach, one that is applicable in both learning providers and organisations. But an educational system and business world forming a collaboration that can be the solid, sustainable base for ecosystems raises two questions. First, are the current schools geared to cultivate engaged students? Second, is attendance at school a prerequisite for successful education? No and no, I would say. But let’s start at the beginning of this line of reasoning.

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