The future of work in the freedom economy [REPORT]

The choice of freedom in the digital age - workforce

Forget the gigs, and the sharing, and the demand. What we are really talking about is freedom. Why not embracing a new name for the budding global economy fueled by independent contract work? Let’s call it ‘the Freedom Economy’. The freedom to work on what you want to work on, for whomever you want to work for, with a team of your choosing, on the hours that you select. That is the freedom we seek in the Freedom Economy. Looking at our work life, isn’t that what we all want?

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Businesses of the future: understanding business ecosystems

Business ecosystem: fish in the sea

A sea with just sharks will soon be a sea devoid of life. The fish in a sea are as important as the predators. They keep the circle of life in balance. Our human society is not that different from natural ecosystems. In order to survive as an apex ‘predator’ one needs to understand the workings of an ecosystem, without misinterpreting the connection of ‘large’ and ‘success’. It is not the survival of the biggest, but the survival of the fittest. Successful organisations of the future are not by definition large, but they are capable of managing an extensive network of people and businesses, with only one purpose: customer centricity. What does this mean? How do businesses acquire the skills that are needed to build and maintain a business ecosystem and make sure they thrive in it?

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