Hot or not: the bitcoin inventor


The perils of the bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. The true story remains a mystery. A (media) spectacle broke loose and a handful of reputations have been damaged. In pursuit for a topic on this first edition of my series ‘Hot or not’ I was intrigued by the many articles that arose last week after Craig Wright identified himself  as the creator of bitcoin to the BBC and the Economist. Meanwhile Wright  has withdrawn his statement. Is Bitcoin hot enough to survive without us knowing who delivered this baby?

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Why bankers will survive the next 20 years

How trust and pace influence digital transformation

Recently I wrote a blog on the top 15 jobs most likely to disappear. Quite a few readers asked me why bankers were not on that list. A valid and logical question. Technology is changing fast and the possibilities tech solutions bring us are innumerable, but still the world is not ready yet for an economic paradigm without bankers. Unfortunately, I might add. Fintech has set in the unbundling of banking, but are not making banks obsolete (yet). Is it in the first place because money exists? Because our payment infrastructure is too complex to disrupt? Here’s why it will take longer for banker jobs to become extinct.

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